Chau le Thai Huyen - Digital painter

With an academic background in International Communication and Diplomacy from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and no formal training whatsoever, Chau Le Thai Huyen is not an average artist in more ways than one. Equipped with nothing more than an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Sketchbook, this emerging digital painter who was born and raised in Hanoi describes her style as "impulsive and like a naive child with constructing and harmonious colors and bold composition." Her subject matter is intimate with her works seen as a raw reflection of her journey through the different stages of growth and emotions felt within scenes of her everyday life as a daughter, a wife and a citizen of Vietnam.

Through only a few years into her journey as an artist, Chau has already been making colorful waves both inside Vietnam and abroad. her artwork has been shown in group exhibitions in Tokyo, Gyeonggi and London, and was recently included in the book Art collector's Choice, Jaan and featured on Artist TV which is available to stream on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung and beyond.